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Return of the Dragons Suggested Reading Order

The Return of the Dragons stories centre around the six princes and princesses of Rian clan, who have been asleep for three hundred years. Each prince or princess has their own main story, told in a multi-episode serial format. When each serial is done, I upload a compilation for those who prefer to get the episodes all in one story.

However, as I’ve been writing many other dragons have insisted on having their stories told! Some of these stories fit between serial episodes, some at the beginning or end. Many ended up including important story information to help you understand the dragon princes and princesses and their mates!

I’ve included both the reading order, plus a description of anywhere these books have previously been available, just in case you already have them!

Have I Read it Before?

Many of my Return of the Dragons books have previously been available under different names, or in box sets. If you want to check that you haven’t bought them already, or try to figure out where you read them, check here!

Dreaming of a Dragon Shifter for Christmas – Previously Loyal Dragon shifter, Jayrian, Bringing Christmas to the Dragons, and in the Dragons Like it Hot box set. – This edition has 10,000 new words!

Bound to the Dragon Prince – Previously Waking the Dragon Prince and Prince Taurian, a compilation volume of all the Dragon Ruins serial episodes

Lure of the Dragon Shifter – Previously Wayrian, Dragon’s Cowboy, and part of the Fated & Forbidden series

Sleeping Dragon Prince – Previously Prince Verrian, a compilation volume of all the Dragon Echoes serial episodes

Warrior Dragon Shifter – Previously Narrian, Discovering his Dragon, and in the Bitten by Love box set

Secrets of the Dragon Princess – Previously Princess Lyrian, a compilation volume of all the Dragon Breeze serial episodes

Lone Dragon Shifter – Previously Kytrima, and Wrong Side of the Dragon

Stubborn Dragon Shifter –  Previously Ostrian, also was available as a serial through my newsletter.

Trusting the Dragon Prince – A compilation volume of the Dragon Shoes Serial.

Escape to Dragon Island Series – Was originally Dragon Island Hideaway series. This is a spinoff series about Prince Calrian’s children. It is set just after Stubborn Dragon Shifter.

Distracting the Dragon Prince – A compilation volume of the Dragon Forged Serial.

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