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Dragon Breeze

This serial follows on from Dragon Echoes with Lyrian and Brad's story. Click here for the suggested reading order of all the Rian Clan Books.

It's been a year since he's seen her—a year since Lyrian broke his heart. But the secret she's been keeping from him, his baby daughter, will turn his life upside down. And that's not the only secret. Lyrian's a dragon princess on a mission. She must find her brothers and sisters so her infant daughter won't grow up without a clan.

She's hunting for the princess. He's searching for his brother. Can they help each other, or are they on opposite sides of a dragon war?

Dragon Echoes

This serial follows on from Dragon Ruins with Lisa and Verrian's story. Click here for the suggested reading order of all the Rian Clan Books.


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Sleeping Beauty never looked this hot! It’s finally Lisa’s turn to wake her very own dragon prince with a kiss (and more), but with a battle raging outside, things quickly turn sour.

When a blurry picture of Verrian ends up in the newspaper it seems like the perfect excuse to run for the hills. Lisa has a lot of experience with running away, but could Verrian be worth fighting for?

Getting too close puts them at risk of being bonded for life. As passion heats up between them, can Lisa and Verrian keep their distance?

Verrian thought they were safe in the city. He thought his enemy would never find them.

He was wrong.

Out Now!
What is Verrian going to do when Lisa is wounded?


Spin off novella.
Dragon shifter Wayrian is attracted to the hot human cowboy, but that's a deal breaker for her grandfather, who wants her to impress the new dragon prince…

Bruce's Story!
Discovering the Dragon is available exclusively in the Bitten by Love box set!
What will Bruce and Narrian do when they find the princess's chamber empty?

Dragon Ruins

This series is now complete. Click here for the suggested reading order of all the Rian Clan Books.

When Karla finds a half naked man claiming to be a dragon in an ancient chamber, she has no what she's begun.

Karla was having enough trouble with the sexy dragon prince, without being chased through the city by his ancient and deadly rival.

When her ex-boyfriend is carried off by a dragon, how far is Karla willing to go, when she's not sure if her attraction to Taurian is real?

With Prince Taurian wounded and barely conscious after his fight, can Karla figure out how to help him enter the Mesmer to heal?

Now they've found Taurian's clan, will Karla give into the heat sizzling between them? Or will Taurian's clan have other ideas?

With Taurian's enemy on his doorstep, and time running out, can Karla find a way to save them?

OR grab the whole serial in one package and save! Dragon Ruins contains Karla and Taurian's complete story.


PREQUEL to Dragon Ruins.
Can a desperate dragon shifter convince a small town librarian to help wake the prince?

Barren Planet Romance

This series is now complete. The books are shown below in the suggested reading order.

He crash landed on her planet. Can they survive the winter together without falling in love?

Marlee thought all her problems would be over once they arrived on Tyris's home world. Turns out, it was only the beginning

A pro-surfer turned interstellar colonist, a tinker with a grudge – Will they make it out of the ruined city alive?

Alien supersoldier Kugah and doctor Amelie have nothing in common. Their species aren’t even compatible. They couldn’t be falling in love.

Books 1-3 available in a bundle for a special price.

Twin Curse

She could never be his wife. Her bond to her sister tied her to another man. But that couldn't stop them falling in love.

A warrior like Kriss would never look twice at a mage like Jasyn. Unless he had something really valuable to offer her.