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New Release: Pirouetting Around the Dragon

In case you hadn't guessed from the banner change, Pirouetting Around the Dragon is out of it's box set, and now available as an individual story, with the bonus epilogue included!

It's 99c until the 14th, to allow my subscribers to grab a copy.

Dragons and humans don’t mix. At least, they aren’t supposed to…

Helios has a lot on his plate. Between trying to keep his little sister from accidentally exposing the existence of their kind to humans and the secret project that’ll earn him a seat on the dragon billionaire’s board, he’s busier than he’s ever been. Finding his fated mate is not on his agenda, especially not a forbidden romance with a very beautiful, and very human, ballerina…

Piper is at the end of her rope. Caring for her critically ill mother and taking the lead in her dance company’s upcoming performance is all she can handle. She has neither the time nor the energy to deal with the arrogant and entirely too handsome Helios. Now more than ever, she needs to keep her priorities straight, and Helios is not one of them…no matter how much she wishes he could be…

If Helios and Piper want their happily ever after, they’ll have to fight for it—and it won’t come cheap. But that shouldn’t be a problem for a dragon billionaire, right?

Well, that remains to be seen…

New Covers for Escape to Dragon Island

It's time for an update! While I loved the Escape to Dragon Island covers, they weren't really conveying the paranormal nature of the books, or their relationship to the Return of the Dragon's series, so I thought I'd try some changes.

What do you think of the updates? Have you read this series yet?

Escape to Dragon Island to enjoy some sun, sand, and dragon shifter romance (and maybe a mermaid or two).

Read the first book FREE!
Will an obsessed marine biologist and a dragon shifter risk their friendship for love?

Audrey's come to the resort to escape the pain of a cheating ex. Can Hayrian convince her to trust again?

Can a dragon shifter with three overprotective brothers ever have a chance with an undercover cop with a dragon phobia?

What's a human to do when he accidentally catches a mermaid? Has he finally found a worthy mate?

Or grab the Box Set and Save!

Distracting the Dragon Prince – Dragon Forged Compliation

And for those who prefer to read the full story rather than the serial episodes, here is the Dragon Forged Compilation – Distracting the Dragon Prince.

Let sleeping dragons lie. That’s a real saying, isn’t it? Well, if not, maybe it should be…

The plan was so simple. All small town reporter Rita had to do to get the scoop of a lifetime was find the sleeping dragon prince, wake him, and keep him from going to war with an opposing clan. Easy, right?

Not so much.

Because now she’s caught between duelling dragon clans with a centuries old prince who has a slew of secrets and way more sex appeal than she can handle.

Pretty soon she’ll need to decide if the best story in the world is worth betraying the smokin’ hot dragon shifter she can’t seem to keep her mind (or hands) off.

Who knew that distracting a dragon could be so complicated?

If you read a Rinelle Grey story, you can trust in a happy ending. Love will always triumph, even if it seems impossible… Rinelle Grey writes feel-good romance usually in science fiction or fantasy settings. Her heroines are independent and headstrong, and her stories are hard to put down. She grew up in a remote area of Australia, without power, hot water, or a phone, but now lives with all of those and her (happily ever after) husband, daughter, chooks, ducks and veggie garden.

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