The final episode, Mating the Dragon, is finally here! Grab your copy now.

mating-the-dragon-thumbTaurian’s clan believes that his union with Wayrian can save them- if he can go through with it, knowing that he loves Karla. With his arch enemy Ultrima’s claw on the scales, he doesn’t dare risk backing out now. Not with his clan in immediate danger.

Karla has accepted that he can never be hers. As a prince, he must put the needs of his clan first. As painful as watching the new couple beginning their life together is for Karla, it’s better than risking leaving while Ultrima’s dragons wait outside. Ultrima himself offers her a way out, but she can’t possibly leave Taurian and his clan to be wiped out by Ultrima. She has to do something to help them. If only she could figure out what.

How do you defeat a dragon who has every other dragon scared?

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