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Return of the Dragons Suggested Reading Order

The Return of the Dragons stories centre around the six princes and princesses of Rian clan, who have been asleep for three hundred years. Each prince or princess has their own main story, told in a multi-episode serial format. When each serial is done, I upload a compilation for those who prefer to get the episodes all in one story.

However, as I've been writing many other dragons have insisted on having their stories told! Some of these stories fit between serial episodes, some at the beginning or end. Many ended up including important story information to help you understand the dragon princes and princesses and their mates!

I've included two reading orders, one with the completed books, for those who want to read one story at a time, and one for the serial episodes, for those who want to keep up as it goes along, and read the spin off stories as they occur. Some books (indicated with a *) can be read in a couple of places, so check the notes at the bottom.

Full Length Reading Order

Bringing Christmas to the Dragons 

Prince Taurian: Dragon Ruins Compilation 

 Dragon's Cowboy

Prince Verrian: Dragon Echoes Compilation

Narrian: Discovering his Dragon 

Princess Lyrian's full story will be finished soon, but if you can't wait, keep up with her adventures through the Dragon Breeze serial episodes before reading the full length book, Wrong Side of the Dragon.

Dragon Breeze

Dragon Secrets
Dragon Chases

Wrong Side of the Dragon

* Bringing Christmas to the Dragons is a prequel novella to the Dragon Ruins Serial. However, it was written between book 4 and book 5, and if you miss reading it at the beginning, it fits nicely into this space.

* Dragon's Cowboy occurs concurrently with the events in Sleeping Dragon and Cunning Dragon, and though it fits best between these books, it can be read first, or after Loving Dragon.