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Waking the Dragon

A paranormal, dragon shifter romance

Waking the Dragon

When his centuries long slumber ends abruptly, dragon prince, Taurian finds himself in a whole new world. Now, pursued by an ancient enemy, he finds his survival depends on the human woman whose presence woke him.

Karla is irresistibly drawn to the half-naked man she discovered in an ancient chamber. But when he starts claiming to be a dragon, she’s sure he’s crazy. The sensible thing to do would be to drop him off at the nearest police station.

But she soon finds out that dealing with dragons is never that simple.

Waking the Dragon is part 1 in the six part paranormal romance serial, Dragon Ruins. This serial is complete. They are best read in the following order:

Waking-the-Dragon-RD Dressing-the-dragon-RD Bedding-the-Dragon-RD Healing-the-Dragon-RD  mating-the-dragon-RD