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He needs a miracle.

When Captain Tyris Bekkert crash lands on a planet that's been deleted from the star charts, he's sure he's doomed. What he doesn't expect is to find a village. The residents seem strangely reluctant to help him escape. All except Marlee.

She needs a partner.

For Marlee, trapped on a dying planet, Tyris's spaceship is a lifeline–an opportunity to change her future. She agrees to help him repair the ship, if he'll pretend to be her partner to appease the village council, who are obsessed with securing the next generation.

As winter closes in and they're cut off from their only means of escape, their pretence is tested to the limits, likewise Marlee's own resolve. The handsome space captain is everything she's always wanted.

But what's the point of letting yourself fall in love when you know it can't last?

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What Readers are Saying

Another writer with a fantastic view of humans as they populate the stars and the habitable planets that they contain.

What Readers are Saying

I am suffering from a “book hangover!” because of this book.  It was sooo good, that I am having difficulty starting another book, because I am still living in the world of Tyris and Marlee.

What Readers are Saying

From the beginning, author Rinelle Grey draws the reader in. You want Tyris to succeed. But you also want Marlee to succeed, and for a time their purposes might be counter to each other. Ms. Grey does an excellent work in rounding out her characters, not through description, but through dialogue and actions. She builds the drama as events progress, even conspire, in keeping Tyris trapped on this dying planet.

What Readers are Saying

Wow! What a well written story that brought a whole new world to life. Tyris and Marlee both had such different upbringings and environments but were able to connect so well. I loved that it wasn't a typical romance book. It was about internal and external(environment) struggles as well.

What Readers are Saying

The main theme of this book is a love story, but there are strong sub-themes related to personal rights, exploitation of resources, and the powers of governance. The inter-weaving of these sub-themes, and how they impact Marlee and Tyris, are central to the drama.

Forbidden Planet is the first book in the Worlds Apart series. This series is currently complete. Each book can stand alone, but the series is best read in the following order: