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Waking the Dragon cover

He’s searching for his brother.

When his brother’s phone call is cut off in suspicious circumstances, Nate travels over a thousand miles to find out what’s wrong, only to find that his brother has vanished. His only clue is a mysterious woman who claims his brother shot her. Nate’s determined to find his brother, but can he trust this woman to help, especially when he feels strangely attracted to her.

She’s hunting for the princess.

Dragon warrior Kytrima disgraced herself by leaving her post and losing the princess. Her only hope of redemption lies with the human who looks exactly like the man who shot her. She’ll happily use him to find the princess but that’s all.

But as the two begin to search for their missing people, they discover more and more about each other. Their growing attraction threatens both of them. Will they become allies, or enemies?

Is there any place for love in the middle of a dragon war?

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What Readers are Saying About the Series

This is a fast paced quick read that just captivated me from the start. A different twist to the usual Dragon shifter finding a mate story. I found this approach of “waking” the dragon a refreshing change and I am looking forward to the rest of this series.

What Readers are Saying About the Series

The mysterious legendary dragons are brought to life in this series you will want to add to your collection. Great book with characters that you will love.

What Readers are Saying About the Series

A little romance, a little adventure, and dragons! Oh, my! What a great way to tell a story. It reminds me of the old serial movies or books being published bit by bit in magazines. Each book in the series deals with the primary event mentioned in the title. Characters are well thought out and the action is believable. I wonder if I can find a dragon to wake up?

What Readers are Saying About the Series

The landscape of the outback and especially the Dragon Scales makes me feel that I’m standing there looking at a natural wonder of the world.

Wrong Side of the Dragon is a spin off novella in the Rian Dragon Clan series. These books follow the story of six dragon princess and princesses who have been asleep in the Australian outback for three hundred years, and their clan, who have been trying to wake them.

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