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Who's Hoping for a Dragon for Christmas?

I can't believe November is nearly over! I wish it would slow down, because I'm still trying to get Dragon Hopes ready for it's release in a little over a week. Eeek!

I love Christmas though, and I'm excited that it's close. To celebrate, I've dressed my two Christmas stories, Loyal Dragon Shifter and Rebel Dragon Shifter up in their Christmas finest! Check below for the new covers, and grab them while they're both FREE! 

I've also collected together some other great dragons, Christmas and otherwise, for you all in this month's Dragon Deals.

Dragon shifter Jayrian needs a Christmas miracle to save his clan, and his prince.


Can a small town police officer help a disenchanted dragon find his Christmas spirit?


Choosing the Dragon is Available for Preoder Now!

Yes, I know the date is a while away, but it will be out before then! I just need some breathing room in case there's a hickup along the way. This book is almost ready to go though, just needs one final edit, then it will be available!

This one is a little more serious than some of my other dragon books have been, and has been harder for me to write. I wanted to get Rylee's experience just right. Hopefully I've managed.

As if her ex-husband showing up out of the blue wasn't traumatic enough for Rylee, the jerk knows about Calrian—and he told her father. Now her dad wants her out, and Rylee and Rowan have nowhere else to go. If Rylee can't find them a new home, they’ll be homeless.

Calrian wishes he could help her, but aside from offering her his support, he’s not sure how. He might be a dragon shifter prince, but he knows little about the human world. The best thing he can do is find his clan, then maybe he'd have a home to offer Rylee.

When everything is trying to pull them apart, can either of them admit that they'd rather stay together?

Return of the Dragons Box Sets!

My Return of the Dragons series is now up to nine books! I know it can be pretty intimidating to start a long series, so I've bundled up most of the books into two box sets. Return of the Dragons Books 1-3 contains two long prince stories, and one shorter shifter story. Return of the Dragons Books 4-7 has one full length princess story, and three shorter shifter stories. Loyal Dragon Shifter, is still free!

If you haven't started this series yet, this is a great way to get the books at a discount.

Save 27%!

Contains the following books:-
Waking the Dragon Prince
Lure of the Dragon Shifter
Sleeping Dragon Prince

Save 38%!

Contains the following books:-
Rebel Dragon Shifter
Warrior Dragon Shifter
Secrets of the Dragon Princess
Lone Dragon Shifter

New Release: Resisting the Dragon

Oops, a few days late. Sorry, I've been frantically trying to finish Dragon Waves for its September 4th release date, so updates were on hold. But I'm back now!

Resisting the Dragon is out now! Catch up with Calrian and Rylee! Its free to read in Kindle Unlimited!

Calrian’s clan is missing, his lair empty. Any hopes he had of being able to break the bond with Rylee early are dashed. He’s going to have to wait out the week until he recovers, and then hope he can find his clan. If they’re still alive.

Rylee is torn between being glad she gets to spend more time with the hot dragon shifter, and worried that her dad is going to find out about him and her son is going to grow too attached. Deep down, she's the one she's worried about. Can she resist him?

Or should she just sleep with him and get it out of the way so they can all move on?

Resisting the Dragon is part 2 in the Dragon Shores serial.

Dragon Ruins, Dragon Echoes, and Dragon Breeze have been Retired

The time had come. The early Return of the Dragons serial episodes, Dragon Ruins, Dragon Echoes, and Dragon Breeze, were barely being bought anymore, and they were cluttering up my books pages and confusing new readers, so I've taken them down. But don't worry, if you were part way through one of the stories, they're all available in the full volumes, and all of them are in Kindle Unlimited.

All the parts of Dragon Ruins can be bought as one volume in Waking the Dragon Prince
All the parts of Dragon Echoes can be bought as one volume in Sleeping Dragon Prince
All the parts of Dragon Breeze can be bought as one volume in Secrets of the Dragon Princess

And, if you're after even more of a discount, you can get both Waking the Dragon Prince and Sleeping Dragon Prince, along with the novella Lure of the Dragon Shifter, in the Return of the Dragons Box Set.

If you have any more questions about where a book has gone, or which book to read next, you can check out the reading order page here, or contact me using the form below. I always reply!

For a Limited Time Only! Grab Waking the Dragon FREE!

Waking the Dragon, book 1 in my Return of the Dragons series, is FREE for a limited time only – grab your copy before it's gone!

Don't miss out! FREE until the 24th of July!

Waking a prince with a kiss seems like something out of a fairy tale. Too bad this isn’t a fairy tale and a kiss isn’t all this sleeping dragon prince needs. 

Jaded archaeologist, Karla, finds more than artifacts when she ventures into a cavern hidden in the middle of the Australian outback. The half naked man sleeping inside is about to change everything she ever knew. Her touch does more than awaken him from his slumber. It rouses something in her. An instant attraction that's stronger than anything she's ever felt before.

Dragon Prince Taurian's whole world is turned upside down when he's woken by a human woman. He’s overslept by three hundred years and the world as he knew it no longer exists. Nothing is familiar, and everyone he's ever known is gone.

Except his ancient enemy, who has also managed to survive. Taurian can’t defeat him on his own. He’ll need the help of the human woman who saved him. Can her love give him the strength to defeat his foe?

Waking the Dragon Prince is a full length (138,000 words) complete story with a happy ending. If you like hot dragon heroes, the strong women who love them, and a heartwarming HEA, then you'll love the Return of the Dragons series. 

Previously published as Prince Taurian: Dragon Ruins Compilation

New Release: Dragon Tides

My newest book, Dragon Tides, is available now!

Dragon Tides is the first book in the Dragon Island Hideaway series. This one is a nice, light, beach read. (Literally, there are some awesome beaches, and a tropical island paradise.) No dragons fighting, just hot, sexy shifters, and a friends to lovers story.

What readers are saying:

“Damrian and Zara were perfect together and had amazing chemistry.”

“This is a wonderful story of childhood friendship turned forever love.”

“Another lovely heartwarming story from Rinelle Grey.”

Zara’s searching for mermaids, but is she so busy looking out at the ocean, that she's missing the magic right in front of her?

Four years ago, dragon shifter Damrian made the mistake of impulsively kissing his childhood best friend goodbye when she left Dragon Island Hideaway resort to go to uni. The fact that she’s barely spoken to him since told him loud and clear that she wasn’t impressed. But now she’s back. And while Damrian is determined to find a way to salvage their friendship, his attraction for her refuses to be silenced. But how can he ask her for more when he can't risk telling her who he truly is?

Zara’s returned to Dragon Island to search for evidence of a mermaid she’s sure she caught sight of before she left. But she can't deny that renewing her friendship with Damrian is forefront in her mind. It's hard to remember that she needs to keep her distance, because she has far bigger plans than staying on the island for the rest of her life.

But as things hot up between her and her best friend, she realises that he's hiding a secret. One that threatens not only their budding relationship and friendship, but also Zara's future.

All New Covers for Return of the Dragons!

My Return of the Dragons series has gone through more than one iteration of covers and names, but I think I've finally settled on one. Check out the covers below. If you're stuck on where you're up to in the series now the names have changed, check out the Reading Order page for a list of previous titles for each book!

I've also created a box set of the first three books (Not including Loyal Dragon Shifter), and you can grab it at a discount!

Return of the Dragons

Discover love, adventure, and hot dragon shifters in the Australian outback. This paranormal, dragon shifter romance series features dragon princes who've been asleep for three hundred years, forbidden love, secret babies, and fated mates. If you like hot dragon heroes, the strong women who love them, and a heartwarming HEA, then you'll love the Return of the Dragons series.

Are you ready to wake a dragon prince?

How far is he prepared to go to save his clan? He recruited the beautiful human to wake the dragon prince. Now can he give her up?

Grab the first 3 books and save!
Discover love, adventure, and hot dragon shifters in the Australian outback. This bundle features dragon princes who've been asleep for three hundred years, forbidden love, and fated mates.

Waking a sleeping dragon prince with a kiss seemed like something out of a fairy tale. Only this dragon shifter needs far more than just a kiss.

Dragon shifter Wayrian is attracted to the hot human cowboy, but that's a deal breaker for her grandfather, who wants her to impress the new dragon prince…

Sleeping Beauty never looked this hot! It’s finally Lisa’s turn to wake her very own dragon prince with a kiss (and more), but with a battle raging outside, things quickly turn sour.

An exiled dragon shifter who is struggling with his past meets a human police officer who's dying to help.

What will Bruce and Narrian do when they find the princess's chamber empty?

It's been a year since he's seen her—a year since Lyrian broke his heart. But the secret she's been keeping from him, his baby daughter, will turn his life upside down.

She's hunting for the princess. He's searching for his brother. Can they help each other, or are they on opposite sides of a dragon war?

Can a disenchanted businesswoman convince a grumpy old dragon to give love a chance?

Worlds Apart is Returning to Kindle Unlimited

Worlds Apart, my sci-fi romance series, has been available on all retailers for a little over 6 months now, and it's time for it to return go Kindle Unlimited. I hope everyone who wanted to grabbed a copy on their favourite retailer. If not, you probably have a few more days to grab them, as it takes a while for most retailers to remove them from their catalogue.

If you read in Kindle Unlimited, they should be available there within the week!

This series is complete. Each book can stand alone, but the series is best read in the following order:

New Release: Trusting the Dragon

When Prince Calrian wakes from a three hundred year sleep, he doesn’t expect to be alone. He certainly doesn’t expect to be woken by a human. In order to regain his energy and shift into his dragon form, he needs to bond with someone, but a human could never understand what he requires.

Single mother Rylee has enough on her plate. When her eleven-year-old son, Rowan brings home a strange man he found asleep in a canyon, she’s determined to keep her distance. She’s just escaped one controlling relationship, she certainly doesn’t need another.

But the pull she feels for him is not only unmistakable, it could be deadly. For both of them.

Trusting the Dragon is Part 1 in the Dragon Shores serial.

If you read a Rinelle Grey story, you can trust in a happy ending. Love will always triumph, even if it seems impossible… Rinelle Grey writes feel-good romance usually in science fiction or fantasy settings. Her heroines are independent and headstrong, and her stories are hard to put down. She grew up in a remote area of Australia, without power, hot water, or a phone, but now lives with all of those and her (happily ever after) husband, daughter, chooks, ducks and veggie garden.

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