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Dragon Compromise is Available for Preorder now!

This one is taking a little longer than I planned, as there is a lot of BIG THINGS happening, that will affect the future of all the dragons. I want to get it just right! But you can preoder your copy now, to make sure you get it as soon as it's available! The current date is the end of April, but I hope to have it out earlier!

This is the final episode of Brad and Lyrian's story!

Brad is determined to do all he can to protect the location of his clan's lair, no matter what the police threaten him with. He doesn't expect to come face to face with the enemy clan's leader, who knows nothing about the truce they've made with his clan. He needs to find a way out of this, fast, because he can't protect Lyrian if he's dead.

With her mate in police custody, Lyrian is determined to do all she can to make his sacrifice worth it. If they can just wake her sister, and consolidate the truce with their enemy, then they can find a way to rescue Brad.

But nothing works out as they expect, and along the way they're going to have to make some compromises.

Dragon Sacrifice is OUT NOW!

Yes, I know. It's actually been out for a week, and I'm only just updating this now. But I do have a good excuse! I'm already hard into writing the 4th Dragon Breeze story. I think this one will wrap up at 4 books, as I have all these other dragons clamouring for me to write their stories!

In the meantime, if you haven't already, go grab a copy of Dragon Sacrifice, Part 3 in the Dragon Breeze Serial!

Dragon Sacrifice is Available for Preorder Now!

Are you waiting for the next episode of Dragon Breeze? Lyrian and Brad's story continues in Dragon Sacrifice.

Brad should feel relieved that he's found Lyrian's dragon prince brothers, and returned her to her clan. She and their baby daughter will be safe now. But all he can think about is that it means their time together is over. He has no more excuse to stay.

Lyrian was sure she could have convinced Brad to stay, if it weren't for the fact that he found out she lied to him about their meeting. She knows he's hurt, but she still can't bear to see him go. So when his brother asks him to stay for his mating, she jumps at the chance to have him around longer, even if things between them are strained.

But when humans turn up outside the lair, searching for Brad and the dragons, everything is on the line, including their daughter's safety. How much are they prepared to sacrifice to keep her safe?

Worlds Apart is going Wide!

My Worlds Apart series has been exclusive to Amazon since the first book was published in 2013, with it's original cover. (Anyone remember that one?) But now it's time to try something new!

The Worlds Apart stories are slowly going wide on all retailers! Grab them now from your favourite retailer!

The first three books can also be bought together in the Worlds Apart Box Set.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Well, 2017 has been a busy year! I thought I hadn't achieved much, but when I line up all the books I published for the year, it's actually not too bad.

Even so, I plan for 2018 to be even more epic! Since I have several series on the go, I need to try to balance my writing time between them, which isn't going to happen without a plan of some sort.

Since I have a plan, I figured, why not share it with all of you? I've updated my Upcoming Releases page with all the plans for 2018. You can check it out any time during the year. I'll try to keep it updated as books are finished and new books are planned.

Which was your favourite book I published in 2017? Which one are you most looking forward to in 2018?

A New Dragon Returns Story is Available in the Home for the Howlidays Box Set!

Merry Christmas!

Who loves reading Christmas stories? Well, I have this awesome bundle to share with you full of paranormal romance Christmas stories! Including my newest release, A Dragon for Christmas. An all new story in the Return of the Dragons series.

Only 99c, and available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited!

A Dragon for Christmas

When a stunningly handsome man turns up out of nowhere and helps Senior Constable Hailey Lyons rescue a boy who’s fallen down a canyon, then disappears, her curiosity, and her desire, is piqued. When she meets him again the next day, disrupting the town’s Christmas carols, she’s prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. But what’s his secret? Where is he from?

Dragon shifter Patrima has done his best to overcome his half human parentage, rising through the ranks to become one of the Trima clan’s most trusted warriors. Until he challenges Ultrima over allowing dragons to celebrate the human tradition of Christmas.

Thrown out of his clan, homeless and resigned, Patrima sees no point in anything anymore. Can Hailey help him find his purpose, and help him remember what Christmas is all about?

Cover Reveal: Narrian – Discovering his Dragon

Edit: It's live! Click on the link below for your copy!

Bruce's story will be available again very soon! I'm working hard to get it back out there. I've had a few people email me asking about it, and today I finally have the new cover. What do you think?

Don't forget, Discovering his Dragon (now called Narrian – Discovering his Dragon) was available in the Bitten by Love box set, so if you bought that set, you already have it. However, I will be putting it on sale for 99c for a few days so that anyone who wants a standalone copy can pick one up cheaply.

I've uploaded it to Amazon, and am waiting for it to go live, but because it's been in the box set, it may take a little longer than normal. I'll update when it's live.

Out Now!

Previously available in the Bitten by Love Box Set!

Having just broken up with his long term girlfriend, Bruce is both excited and nervous to be chosen to wake a dragon princess. But there's no commitment involved, and he has to admit, there is something fascinating about them. A last fling before he heads home to England is just what he needs.

Narrian is honoured to be chosen to escort Bruce to wake the princess. She’s determined to prove herself worthy of her father, who died on an earlier attempt to wake her, even if she has to die to do it.

Only when they arrive at the dragon princess's chamber, it's empty, and they’re trapped inside by an angry enemy dragon. Bruce and Narrian must discover each other’s strengths and overcome each other’s weaknesses to find a way out, and maybe a little love along the way.

Bitten by Love is Done

Apologies to anyone who has been looking for Bruce's story, Discovering his Dragon. It has been available exclusively in the Bitten by Love box set, but this one's done it's time!

I will be uploading Discovering his Dragon as it's own standalone story in the next week! I'll update as soon as it's available!

New Covers for Return of the Dragon

The new cover fairy (AKA my sister) has been at it again. I've been putting off releasing the compilation for the Dragon Echoes serial because I really wanted to recover both it and the Dragon Ruins compilation, but wasn't sure what I was going to do. Well, how's this for something awesome?

I've also added these books to the novellas in a series (will take a little while for the series page to be created on Amazon), just to make it easier for anyone new to the series. Here's the new order below!

NOTE: If you've already read the Dragon Echoes serial, there is nothing new in these! Just a package deal for new readers.

Check out the Latest in the Return of the Dragons Series!

Yes, I now have a name for all my dragon books! I thought it was time. There are so many serials and spin off books that I wanted to tie them all in together. If you're reading the series, and want to check you haven't missed any, don't forget to check out the READING ORDER.

The latest additions are a new instalment in the Dragon Breeze serial, and a new standalone novel! I recommend you read this one, even if you usually only read the main serials, as it has some big revelations in it!

If you read a Rinelle Grey story, you can trust in a happy ending. Love will always triumph, even if it seems impossible… Rinelle Grey writes feel-good romance usually in science fiction or fantasy settings. Her heroines are independent and headstrong, and her stories are hard to put down. She grew up in a remote area of Australia, without power, hot water, or a phone, but now lives with all of those and her (happily ever after) husband, daughter, chooks, ducks and veggie garden.

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