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Cover Reveal: Narrian – Discovering his Dragon

Edit: It's live! Click on the link below for your copy!

Bruce's story will be available again very soon! I'm working hard to get it back out there. I've had a few people email me asking about it, and today I finally have the new cover. What do you think?

Don't forget, Discovering his Dragon (now called Narrian – Discovering his Dragon) was available in the Bitten by Love box set, so if you bought that set, you already have it. However, I will be putting it on sale for 99c for a few days so that anyone who wants a standalone copy can pick one up cheaply.

I've uploaded it to Amazon, and am waiting for it to go live, but because it's been in the box set, it may take a little longer than normal. I'll update when it's live.

Out Now!

Previously available in the Bitten by Love Box Set!

Having just broken up with his long term girlfriend, Bruce is both excited and nervous to be chosen to wake a dragon princess. But there's no commitment involved, and he has to admit, there is something fascinating about them. A last fling before he heads home to England is just what he needs.

Narrian is honoured to be chosen to escort Bruce to wake the princess. She’s determined to prove herself worthy of her father, who died on an earlier attempt to wake her, even if she has to die to do it.

Only when they arrive at the dragon princess's chamber, it's empty, and they’re trapped inside by an angry enemy dragon. Bruce and Narrian must discover each other’s strengths and overcome each other’s weaknesses to find a way out, and maybe a little love along the way.

Bitten by Love is Done

Apologies to anyone who has been looking for Bruce's story, Discovering his Dragon. It has been available exclusively in the Bitten by Love box set, but this one's done it's time!

I will be uploading Discovering his Dragon as it's own standalone story in the next week! I'll update as soon as it's available!

New Covers for Return of the Dragon

The new cover fairy (AKA my sister) has been at it again. I've been putting off releasing the compilation for the Dragon Echoes serial because I really wanted to recover both it and the Dragon Ruins compilation, but wasn't sure what I was going to do. Well, how's this for something awesome?

I've also added these books to the novellas in a series (will take a little while for the series page to be created on Amazon), just to make it easier for anyone new to the series. Here's the new order below!

NOTE: If you've already read the Dragon Echoes serial, there is nothing new in these! Just a package deal for new readers.

Check out the Latest in the Return of the Dragons Series!

Yes, I now have a name for all my dragon books! I thought it was time. There are so many serials and spin off books that I wanted to tie them all in together. If you're reading the series, and want to check you haven't missed any, don't forget to check out the READING ORDER.

The latest additions are a new instalment in the Dragon Breeze serial, and a new standalone novel! I recommend you read this one, even if you usually only read the main serials, as it has some big revelations in it!

The Barren Planet Romances have all new titles and covers!

It's been over 4 years since I published the first book in this series, then called Reckless Rescue! Four years! So I figured it was time for a facelift. The Barren Planet Romances are now known as the Worlds Apart series, and all the books have new covers, as below. But don't worry, the stories are almost exactly the same. (I may have fixed any typos I found!) If you already have these, no need to re-buy, but if you haven't tried them yet, now is the perfect time!

I will be changing the covers on the rest of my site over the next week or so, but it may take me a while, so if you see the old covers around, don't be confused! Bear with me!

The first three stories can be bought in a box set.

Tempting Dragon is Here!

Well, this post is actually a little late. Tempting Dragon has been out for two weeks! But I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to post here! (If you're on my mailing list or facebook though, you should have seen an announcement there!)

It was my daughter's 13th birthday a few days ago, and of course, she had to have a big party, and a unicorn cake! Took about two days to make, but she was really happy with it, so it was worth it! Now that's all over, I'm back to writing (already 3000 words into the next and final Dragon Echoes book!), and back to catching up on everything I didn't do for those few weeks!

So without further ado, here's Tempting Dragon!

Verrian thought they were safe in the city. He thought his enemy would never find them. He was wrong.

With reporters and police all hunting for them, the last thing they need right now is a dragon fight. Especially since Lisa knows that if she heals Verrian one more time, they'll be mate bonded for life.

Despite their burning attraction, Verrian seems as reluctant to form a permanent bond as she is, but what choice do they have? She's not going to leave him to die, no matter what.

Tempting Dragon is Available for Preorder Now!

I've finished the rough draft of Tempting Dragon, and it's up for preorder now! I've started editing, and it will be ready by the end of the month, if not before! If you've been waiting for the next installment of Dragon Echoes, you can preorder your copy now, or sign up to my newsletter to know when it's released.

Verrian thought they were safe in the city. He thought his enemy would never find them. He was wrong.

With reporters and police all hunting for them, last thing they need right now is a dragon fight. Especially since Lisa knows that if she heals Verrian one more time, they'll be mate bonded for life.

Despite their burning attraction, Verrian seems as reluctant to form a permanent bond as she is, but what choice do they have? She's not going to leave him to die, no matter what.

Cunning Dragon is Out Now!

Cunning Dragon, the latest instalment in Dragon Echoes, is available now! 

Lisa knows she can't just abandon dragon shifter Verrian when he's been separated from the rest of his clan by a nosy reporter, but why did they have to end up at her parent's place? They always make her feel less than nothing, and now they're embarrassing her in front of the hot dragon shifter prince. When a blurry picture of Verrian ends up in the newspaper and the locals come knocking, it seems like the perfect excuse to run for the hills.

Lisa has a lot of experience with running away from problems, but could Verrian be worth facing up to her fears and fighting for?

Verrian feels bad for putting Lisa in such an uncomfortable position, but the truth is he is out of his depth when dealing with the problems faced in the human's world. After failing miserably in the last dragon battle, he doesn't feel capable of dealing the threat of his ancient enemy either. Verrian needs a new tactic.

Lisa might not have dragon strength or magic, but she seems to hold her own in spite of that. Maybe she can teach Verrian about more than just human technology.

Don't Quit!

dontquitYou may have noticed this picture on my little motivational lightbox when I posted my office pictures on Facebook the other day. (If you're not already following me on Facebook, why not!) Yes, there is a story.

Some of you may be aware that November is NaNoWriMo month, and I nearly always sign up. Sometimes I win, but more often lately, I don't. November isn't a good month for me. My daughter's homeschooling report is due in the first week, and this often means I am behind for that first week. Now being behind in the first week isn't so bad, because you have all month go catch up. A couple of days wordcounts divided by 3 weeks is still perfectly doable.

This year, in the second week, I got sick.

Quite often I can work through being sick, but this time, it really knocked me. My nose was burning and it made my eyes water, and concentrating on anything was hard. So I gave myself permission to take time off until I felt better.

By then, I was WAY behind. As in, need to write over 3,000 words a day to catch up behind. As in, give up on winning behind.

And yeah, I probably won't win now. 3,000 words in a day is quite doable, but every day? Not likely to happen. But that doesn't mean I'm going to give up.

I still have words to write, and I'm going to be writing them anyway. I'm going to set lots of small, manageable goals, and see what happens. Every hear the saying “If you shoot for the moon and miss, you'll land amongst the stars”? (Yeah, I know, not astronomically accurate, but we're talking about motivation here.

That's my aim.

How about you? Do you feel like giving up when you get behind, or does it just make you more determined to win?

Introducing: Fated & Forbidden!

I'm really excited to finally be able to share a new project I'm working on with all of you. A few months ago, an author friend suggested writing a multi author series, and her concept was so cool, I just had to join in. Luckily, it fitted really well into my existing dragon shifter series, and I had the perfect couple for it.

Check out Fated & Forbidden, a multi-author paranormal romance series!


11 authors. One PNR series.

After lifetimes of watching her creations perpetuate misery and destruction, the creator Allendra has had enough. She’s given them a month to prove themselves capable of love… and to prove they should keep their supernatural powers. Some will fight, and some will fall, but all will feel the power of the Blood Moon… even Allendra herself…

You can check out the series page here, and sign up for the mailing list to be notified when each book is released! Of course, I'll be mentioning them all in my newsletters too, as well as talking about my book in this series, Dragon's Cowboy!

The prologue story, that sets it all up, is available for FREE now!

14435024_1765434820382799_6547765565356210797_oCenturies ago, Allendra and Zaan, wielding the Source together, created supernatural beings they hoped would bring peace and harmony to the world. Instead, strife, feuds, and wars took their toll.

After lifetimes of watching her creations perpetuate misery and destruction, Allendra has had enough. She has been harnessing the power of the upcoming Blood Moon, and plans to strip every one of these beings of their supernatural powers.

Zaan, long estranged from her, returns to ask her to reconsider, but the Challenge she issues might be more than he bargained for…

Download your copy now!

My contribution, Dragon's Cowboy, is available for preorder!


Dragon shifter Wayrian just wants to live a quiet life. Fat chance of that when her clan as at war and her grandfather wants her to marry a prince. As if that isn’t enough, a crazy goddess appears in her dreams and threatens to turn her clan human if Wayrian doesn’t marry her fated mate by the Blood Moon. A mate who is not a prince. Who isn’t even a dragon.

Lured away from his father’s cattle station by the excitement of the dragon shifters, Chase is careful to keep his distance. He’s happy to help out by waking one of the dragon princesses, but he isn’t planning on mating forever. Even if Wayrian thinks that’s the only way to save her people. He doesn’t believe in true love—he’s been burned before.

But when a reporter bent on exposing the dragons' existence drives Chase and Wayrian into hiding on the cattle station, things between them begin to heat up. The only problem is that Wayrian’s grandfather, hiding with them, is determined to keep them apart at all costs. Will Wayrian risk her grandfather’s ire to save her people, or will she make her own choice?

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Also available to preorder now!

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