To celebrate the release of Mermaid Dreams, I’m running a Mermaid prize pack giveaway! Included is a screen printed Dragon Island Hideaway Resort t-shirt, a crystal mermaid tiara, a dragon tooth necklace, mermaid tail earrings, and two mermaid scale pendants! Open to international entries!

Enter using the form below, and don’t forget to check out Mermaid Dreams, if you haven’t already. Available to borrow in Kindle Unlimited now!

Having lived with dragon shifters, Rowan’s expectations for love are higher than other humans, and at thirty-eight, he’s beginning to suspect he’s never going to find anyone who can live up to them. Maybe that’s why he ends up chasing a mermaid near his parent’s island resort—and catching her.

Or rather, she catches him.

Mermaid princess Cari has no interest in finding her mate and becoming who she is meant to be. She likes who she is now. That could be why she’s more fascinated by the human man she watches on the island than one of her own kind. But when she finds herself stuck in the human world, she faces an impossible choice.

Would she rather mate the person she loves, or return to her life below the waves?