I made the mistake of showing my 9yo daughter some dice dragons on Facebook recently, made by the talented  Becca Golins. If you haven’t seen them, stop now and go look, I promise you won’t regret it.

My daughter wanted one desperately, and I did too! But even if I could justify the price, her shop is empty at the moment!

Luckily, continued searching led my daughter to her tutorial on YouTube, showing how she makes them. This we could do. So out to the craft store for some clay, and we sat down and watched the hour long tutorial, pausing and replaying a lot along the way!

Dice DragonThis is what I came up with.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out for my first try. And it’s awesome fun. I put a dice in this picture, but although I love the idea, I didn’t really curl the tail enough to hold the dice properly. So here she is without a dice.

Dragon Sculpture

While I pretty much followed the tutorial step by step, and made a dragon that looked pretty much like Becca’s, my daughter loves to experiment. This is her sculpture.


Of course, I sent a picture through to my sister, and the first thing she said was “You have to show me how to do that”. So today, we bought more clay, and headed round to make more dragons. I thought my dragon was lonely, and needed a friend. And that my husband shouldn’t be the only one in our house dragonless, so I picked out his favourite colours, and made this one.

Blue DragonPractice definitely improved my skills, and I tried a few different things here, the curly horns, and nose horn. But still mostly the same! But there was a reason for that. I needed them to match!


My daughter picked some really great colours for her next one, and did a really great job again I reckon!


And my sister, who is pretty much a grown up version of my daughter, did it her own way as well.


Now I’m just wishing I had written a fantasy novel with dragons in it! It would be really cool to make dragons from one of my books. Trolls just aren’t the same.

Oh well, might have to write one. Or maybe go make more dragons.