SFR-badgeToday’s SFR Brigade Presents excerpt is from Reckless Rebellion, second in the barren planet romance series. This is from the first chapter, as Marlee and Tyris arrive back on Tyris’s home world. Such a good moment, when it seems like all their problems have been solved.

I wonder how long that will last?

Standing next  to Marlee, a warm glow of accomplishment filled Tyris as he watched Urslat come closer and closer. Eventually, the planet  filled the entire viewscreen. The sun glinted off one side of the planet, barely  matching the bright, welcoming lights that lit up every  corner of the continent below them, outlining its shape clearly. Slowly, the Hylista  orbited the planet, until Tyris’s own continent appeared on the horizon, bathed  in sunlight, with the space dock tethered above it.

“You made it. You’re home,”  Marlee murmured.

Tyris nodded,  choked up. Home. Not long ago, he’d believed  he’d never see it again. Yet, here he was.

Marlee put a hand  on his shoulder, and he put his hand on top of hers and looked down at her with a  smile.

The beep of the  computer behind him broke their moment. “You’d better sit down and belt up,”  Tyris told her. “We’re landing on the space dock, so it shouldn’t be rough, but  it always pays to be careful.”

She took the seat  next to him and fastened her seatbelt, as Tyris checked the flight path that had  been sent to his console. All looked good, so he confirmed the path and followed the directions, landing smoothly at Hanger Three near the terminal.

He took his hands off the instruments, put them in his lap, and just sat for a  moment, trying to take in the fact that he’d finally arrived.

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