SFR-badgeWell, I’m already bored of giving excerpts from Reckless Rebellion in order, so I’m skipping ahead a bit. (If you want to read in order, you can read the sample chapters here.)

This is one of my favourite scenes, when Tyris’s ship first arrives back on his home planet of Urslat after three weeks in space. They’re expecting a warm welcome…

Marlee took a deep breath, straightened her shoulders, and nodded.

While he grabbed his belongings from the cabin, she did the same. He pressed the buttons to release the door, and turned to her. “Are you ready?”

She wore her best dress, the one Jaimma had given her for her birthday, with pink frills. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

He took her hand, and she gripped his fingers. Together, they stepped into the doorway.

Despite the bright sun he knew shone above them, the sky glowed purple this far up in the atmosphere. All around them, concrete and glass covered walkways ran, limiting their field of vision. So long as you weren’t in one of the outer walkways, it was easy to miss the fact that you were in the upper atmosphere.

There wasn’t time to take in the view though. Half a dozen soldiers stood right in front of them with sub-machine guns raised. Shocked, Tyris, shielded Marlee behind his back before stepping forwards, hands held up. “Here now, what’s all this?”

The soldiers didn’t lower their weapons. “General’s orders, sir.”

“Then where is the bloody general?”

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