SFR-badgeIt’s been an exciting week for me. The second novel in my series, Reckless Rebellion, came out on Wednesday, AND to celebrate, I’m running a free promotion on my first book, Reckless Rescue. Today’s the last day it’s running, so if you haven’t grabbed a copy before, now’s your chance.

Today I’m continuing excerpts from Reckless Rebellion where I left off last week.

When Milandra had walked out on him nine months ago, the only thought in his head had been how to get her back. It had never occurred to him that her departure might be the best thing that ever happened to him. If she hadn’t left him, he wouldn’t have left Urslat, and he never would have found Marlee.

Winter landscapeMaybe there was something to Kerit’s belief that the dolphin was lucky.

An involuntary smile lifted the corner of his lips. He should be squeezed into the narrow bunk beside her, not dozing here in this uncomfortable chair. But they must be close to the central planets now, and when the first communication finally came through, he wanted to be awake.

Even after three weeks in space, he still couldn’t believe he was nearly home. A few months ago it had seemed so impossible, yet here he was. As he had predicted, the Hylista had no problems sustaining faster than light travel, even if she flew a little slower than normal. Any day now, they’d be close enough to Urslat to communicate in real time. Then he could relax.

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