SFR-badgeThe SFR Romance Brigade Presents is back!

And just in time for my new Sci-Fi Romance release next week! Therefore, this week, and probably for the rest of the month, my snippets will come from Reckless Rebellion, sequel to Reckless Rescue. My plan is to start at the beginning, and post a continuous excerpt each week.

Tyris’s head lolled to one side, further and further, finally slipping off the back of the chair with a suddenness that jerked him awake. He rubbed his eyes and stared at the radio in front of him. The status light still showed red—they weren’t in communications range yet.

Winter landscapeThe file that was open on the tablet computer in front of him caught his attention, and he changed a word or two. He’d spent large chunks of the spaceflight writing the report covering the crash and subsequent repair of his ship, but it still felt inadequate. How could he possibly describe what had happened on Zerris? And there was so much he’d left out. Like the villager’s reasons for not wanting to leave, and his relationship with Marlee.

He sighed and glanced through the open door into the sleeping cabin. She lay sprawled on the lower bunk, the sheet half covering her nakedness. She wore nothing other than the jade dolphin necklace he’d given her for her birthday. She never took it off.

His brother’s words echoed in his head. Give it time, bro. The dolphin works in mysterious ways.

Reckless Rescue will be out on the 18th of September! If you want a reminder on the actual day (and maybe a little earlier), sign up to my mailing list below.

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