As a romance writer, it’s kind of expected that I will have some views on love, and what it means. And, of course, I do.

Today’s post is inspired by Katy Regnery’s “All roads lead to…firstfallingfeelingtrue love” post last month. You should go check it out, it’s a beautiful post about her views on true love, and whether it exists or not.

And it inspired me to write this one.

I’ve always been a romantic. I soaked up all those movies and books about true love, and how powerful it was. Romance has always been my favourite genre, in books and movies. And, of course, my belief in love has been influenced by my own experiences.

For me, true love is one that exists beyond that first flush of excitement. A long term relationship, two people from different families choosing to live in the same house and create their own family together, involves a lot of compromises, a lot of times when love is put to the test. It requires a lot of work, and a lot of commitment to making things work.

To me, true love is what holds you through those times. It’s the feeling that makes you look at each other, even when you’re angry, the house is a mess, there are bills due, and the kids are screaming – and choose to stay. True love is what keeps you together, even when it would seem easier to not be.

True love is knowing that your life is better because you’re sharing it with someone who matters. True love is when you become a better person because you know and love that other person. True love is feeling confident in the knowledge that that person will be there for you when you need them.

Does that mean that true love makes it all easy?

Nope, not at all. Long term relationships are still hard work, compromise, and sometimes they can test your resolve.

True love is what makes them worth it.

And that’s why I love writing about it. My novels rarely end when the characters first kiss or first make a commitment to each other. I love to write about some of those trials they will face as a couple, and how they overcome them together. In fact, Reckless Rebellion is just this. After Reckless Rescue, Tyris and Marlee have already decided to be together, no matter what the future holds. In Reckless Rebellion, that resolve is tested, but ultimately, they come out the end stronger, both as a couple, and individually.

Do you believe in true love? Do you like stories that end when the couple gets together, or do you always wonder what happens next?