Winter landscapeLast week, I sent Reckless Rebellion off the editors. I’ve polished and polished this book, and now there’s just the grammar to check. Hopefully (fingers crossed!) the edits will be relatively easy once it arrives back. My aim is to have the edits done by mid-September (but it will depend on when I get them back from the editor), then send some ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) out, and do a final proofread myself.

If you’ve read and reviewed Reckless Rescue, and would like an ARC for Reckless Rebellion, post a comment, or send me an email. I also would love to give a copy to one person who hasn’t read Reckless Rescue, to see how much of Reckless Rebellion is understandable as a stand alone novel. Again, comment or email if you’d like a free copy. (Sorry, I can only offer one at this point.)

Hopefully I’ll have Reckless Rescue live on Amazon before the end of September! It’s getting exciting now it’s getting so close!