Reckless Rescue on ShelfariI’d heard of Shelfari, and what I’d heard wasn’t good. It was second rate to GoodReads, and since it was owned by Amazon, not many people bothered with it, so I hadn’t even bothered to look at it.

Then a chance mention on a writing forum made me take a new look.

I haven’t explored the social side of Shelfari yet, but I did find something that I think is worth spending a little time on.

Each book listing on Shelfari has the usual fields, title, author, series, blurb. But Shelfari has more. You can add in a list of your characters and a brief description. You can write a short blurb, and a longer summary. You can list your chapter titles.

And because Shelfari is owned by Amazon, any changes you make here show up on your Amazon book page.

I have no idea if it will make any difference to sales or not, but I figure it can’t hurt.

Have you used Shelfari? Any other features you can tell me about it?