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Well, it’s official. I’m an author.

I received my first royalty cheque from Amazon today. Feels quite weird.

Of course, I’ll still probably  have to wait another few months for the cheque to clear (since I’m in Australia), though you never know.

When I published my first book nearly six months ago now, I didn’t know whether it would sell or not. And although it hasn’t sold untold copies yet, having an actual paycheque makes it seem more real.

And it makes me feel a little more confident about investing more money into editing and advertising and whatever else comes up. So far, I’m still in the negative, but once I have a few more books out, who knows, I might even make a profit!

Sorry I missed Monday’s post. I just didn’t even think of it. If you’re on my Facebook page, you’ll probably know that I spent the day at the beach with my daughter. Had a beautiful day, but I was SO sleepy when I arrived home that I totally forgot about the post.

I’m also frantically trying to finish up all the edits I want to do on Reckless Rebellion before it heads off to the editor at the end of the week. Still so much to do, and so little time!