pinterestI discovered Pinterest long before I was ready for marketing and writing, and was very quickly hooked. It was like a giant, visual bookmarking program. In a few short weeks I pinned literally hundreds of cool craft ideas, and became quite addicted.

When I started researching marketing for my novel, I naturally thought Pinterest would be great. So I signed up for an account for my writing (my personal one is far too cluttered with craft activities for anyone to see anything else!), and started making a few boards, and adding friends from facebook and twitter.

But unlike my personal account, this one just didn’t take off. People didn’t re-pin my pins, and I struggled to find boards to follow that gave me interesting new pins to share. For a while, I focused on twitter and facebook and didn’t visit Pinterest, since I didn’t seem to be able to crack the code there.

Then something made me come back. I can’t remember what. Perhaps I was just pinning one of my blog posts, or perhaps it was the fact that I was getting some consistent blog traffic from a couple of my pins. I spent a bit of time adding some new pins to my board, and every time I found an interesting pin, I’d look at other similar pins, and click follow on most of the ‘this pin is also pinned to’ boards. I followed more people from twitter and facebook.

Suddenly, my pinterest started to take off. I was being followed back by authors, and I was invited to pin to a couple of group boards. I wouldn’t say it’s a huge marketing strategy just yet, but I’m beginning to think it’s worth the time.

If you want to check out my boards and follow me, I’m at

How do you use Pinterest? Do you find you use it as a reader or writer, or for something else?