sfrb-bloghop-banner(1)Well it’s finally arrived! Today is the Sci-Fi Romance Brigade Blog hop. There’s some brilliant prizes up for grabs, including 35 SFR ebooks (including Reckless Rescue!) and a $150 gift card to Amazon or B&N, so check out the rafflecopter giveaway below for the list, and to enter!

The theme for the blog hop is ‘Out of This World’, a great theme for sci-fi romance! When I started this blog, not quite a year ago, one of the things I was trying to decide was how to tie together the page, and the books I write. Since I write fantasy romance as well as sci-fi, I wanted a tag line that could be applicable to both.

One of the things that’s common between fantasy and sci-fi is that they both take place in different worlds – either the made up world of fantasy, or a made up/futuristic world of sci-fi. Both involve considerate differences to ours, andΒ  yet, people fall in love in mostly the same way. Love is the constant, that anyone can recognise and take away, regardless of the different technology or rules.

different-rulesAnd thus my log line was born. “Different worlds, different rules, different lives, but love remains the same.”

That’s what I like about love, and about reading romances. The feeling of love doesn’t know boundaries, or rules, or differences. If you fall in love, all that becomes unimportant. The fun thing with writing sci-fi romances, is finding a way to make it all work for the characters!

In my sci-fi romance novel, my two characters, Tyris and Marlee, are from very different worlds. While Tyris’s world is a little advanced from ours (and has spaceflight), Marlee’s people lost all useable technology when they were stranded on an abandoned planet, and have a constant struggle to grow enough food, and store it for the winter.

As if the huge difference in their backgrounds wasn’t enough, Tyris is forbidden to have children on his world, whereas on Marlee’s world (where he has crash landed), a child is needed to make a relationship permanent.

Figuring out how to make this work for them has been a challenge, but a lot of fun.

To celebrate the blog hop, I’m lowering Reckless Rescue’s price to 99c for a limited time! (Usually $2,99). So if you’re looking for a new sci-fi romance, or an introduction to the genre, check it out, or enter the rafflecoper competition below for a chance to win!

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