FantasyFridaySince SFR Brigade Presents isn’t running this month (we have a blog hop later in the month instead, excited about that!), I thought I’d run my own ‘Fantasy Friday’s”, to show some excerpts from my few unfinished fantasy series. If anyone would like to join me, let me know in the comments, and I’ll figure out a linky list or something for next week?

I was undecided on what story to post an excerpt from today, as I have many! I’ve decided on my story about twins (as yet unnamed), as this is currently my choice to work on after Reckless Rebellion is finished. (And in looking through the manuscript to post an excerpt, I have to be careful not to get side-tracked!)

In this fantasy world, twins are expected to marry the same person, which in this case, might be going to cause some problems! This is the opening sequence.

“What do you think of Terion?”

The question caught Brianna by surprise, and she paused in plaiting her long blonde hair to look up at her twin, Mianna, standing by the window. She was looking out at something Brianna couldn’t see, so she walked across to the window as she tied a yellow ribbon in her hair.

Following her sister’s gaze, she saw the young man in question, helping move the benches into position in the village square. Like everyone else in the village, she had known him since she was a child, and she could easily recall a hundred facts about him.

He was kind and gentle, and always did the right thing. He’d rescued Mianna’s kitten from a tree when they were seven. He’d taken them for rides on his horse when they were thirteen, but he wouldn’t let Brianna jump over the hedge. When he’d caught them sneaking out of the house at fifteen, after Brianna had spent hours convincing Mianna that it was worth the risk of being caught to watch the dancing at the midsummer bonfire, he’d marched them straight back home, explaining with a twinkle in his eye that they’d soon be old enough to join in the dancing.

“He’s OK I guess. Why?” Brianna asked.

When Mianna didn’t answer, she glanced up, and was surprised to see a blush stealing across her twin’s face. Mianna turned back to the dressing table to pick up a brush.

“No reason,” she said, in an attempt to be off hand. “Are you going to wear the yellow dress, because if you are, I’ll take the blue one.”