Reckless-Rebellion-thumbIt’s been a busy month. After not making my 50k goal for Camp NaNoWriMo in April (though I did write 30k), I’m determined to finish the second draft of Reckless Rebellion this month.

So far, it’s not looking promising. I’ve written less than 5,000 words. Between homeschooling, blogging, promoting the just finished free promotion, and now, catching a cold, I seem to be struggling to find the time.

But, all that stops now. I want to finish this draft this month, as I said. So I’m cutting back on my blogging time, and social media, until it’s done. No more checking my downloads twenty times a day. I’m going to write first. I’ve signed up for 15k in May (check for us on twitter at #15kinmay), and I’m ready to catch up!

I know where the story is going now. I have the ending planned out (and even written down), so there shouldn’t be any major issues. There are 10 days left in May, and I’m sure I can finish in that time. So for now, I’ll leave you with a little excerpt. This is where I’m up to as of the last writing session.

Kerit came and gave her a hug. It helped a little, but it wasn’t Tyris.

Where had everything gone wrong? What could she have done to bring them to a different outcome? She searched over the events of the last few months, but came up empty handed. It was as though fate had been pushing them relentlessly in this direction, leaving no escape.

Marlee gave herself a shake. She didn’t believe in fate. She had control over her own destiny. And she needed to figure out how she could make things right again.

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