alphabet-blog-zI knew, when I started this challenge, that I had Z sorted. And really, I didn’t plan my novels so that I would have planets for the most difficult letters of the challenge. Otherwise I would have had a planet name beginning with Y!

Zerris is Marlee’s home planet. It was the first planet where the anysogen gas was discovered, and a research base was immediately settled on the nearby (more habitable) planet of Semala. Anysogen gas is very important in Reckless Rescue, because it is what allows their spaceships to travel faster than light. However, long-term exposure to the gas also causes severe infertility, making it not a very good place to live.

However, when Semala is destroyed by a meteor, the inhabitants have nowhere else to go. So they settle on Zerris, and try to counteract the pollution by encouraging everyone to have as many children as possible as soon as possible.

However, pollution isn’t the only problem on the planet. Being further from the sun than Semala, it also has a harsh winter, nearly six months of snow. Growing and storing enough food is a constant challenge, and the blizzards and heavy snowfall causes its own set of problems. It’s no wonder Marlee dreams of escaping the planet. Of course, since their only hope of escape, Tyris’s spaceship, is buried under the snow escape isn’t a certainty!

This is my last entry for the A-Z blogging challenge! I can’t believe it’s over. I’ve had a ball writing these posts, and really enjoyed visiting everyone’s blogs, and getting to know some other bloggers. I’m planning to stick to regular posting (though a little less frequently), so please feel free to hang around!