alphabet-blog-xIn Roman numerals that is!

I had to think long and hard for a topic beginning with X. These letters towards the end of the alphabet are a challenge. Then I finally remembered that ten in Roman numerals is represented by the letter X.

But what could I write about ten? Eventually I decided on a list of ten things. And since my blog is about my self publishing journey, what better topic to write about?

So today I’m going to share ten reasons I love self publishing!

  1. It’s quick. You still need to do all that writing and editing, but once it’s done, it’s a matter of 24 hours (probably less), before your book is available for everyone to see!
  2. No one is going to reject me because ‘that type of story isn’t in fashion at the moment’.
  3. I don’t have to spend ages researching how to write a query letter, then researching again every time I submit to a new publisher.
  4. Marketing – my way. I was sold on self-publishing the day I read that even if you are signed through a traditional publisher, you’ll still have to do your own marketing. What does a traditional publisher have to offer then?
  5. I can fix any typos and mistakes I find in minutes.
  6. I can try different marketing strategies, change the blurb and cover at any time, without having to justify myself to anyone.
  7. Data – I have full access to all the download data on my books, including who is buying them and where from.
  8. Royalties – as a self-published author, I see 35-70% of my books cover price. Way better than traditional publishing royalties.
  9. It’s all mine. All the glory and accolades (of course, the opposite is true too, no one else to blame for the mistakes)
  10. Control – I have control over my cover, what changes I make during editing, the price, what stores it’s sold in, what promotions I will do.

How about you? Do you self publish? Do you have any advantages of self publishing to share, or do you want to counter with some advantages to traditional publishing?

All this month I’m participating in the A-Z blogging challenge, writing a blog post for each letter of the alphabet, on every day of the month except Sundays. Check back regularly to see what else I have in store for you.