alphabet-blog-nIn the last few years, books in the Young Adult category have been taking the world by storm. Harry Potter, Hunger games and Twilight, to name a few. And the funny thing is, it isn’t young adults who are reading them with such fervour. Adults are fast discovering that these books aren’t simple or dumbed down, but that they are really enjoying them.

However, there’s a few books sandwiched somewhere between Adult and Young Adult, that didn’t quite fit into either category. These deal with younger characters, somewhere between 16 and 25, dealing with growing pains of a slightly more mature type. Thus the New Adult category was born. It’s still small, and relatively unknown, but I think it has some potential.

Whenย my beta readers and editors read Reckless Rescue, a few commented that it read a lot like Young Adult. Not just one person, about three I think. It made me pause. I didn’t see my book as Young Adult, despite the age of Marlee, one of the main characters, because the topics it deals with (infertility, forever relationships, and of course, sex) seemed too old for that group. So I kept it as Adult.

However, I think it would quite neatly fit into the New Adult genre. This isn’t to say I’m putting it into that category specifically (especially not since it doesn’t exist in most places yet), but I does give me an extra keyword to add to my listing, and an extra group to market to.

Have you heard of New Adult? Do you enjoy Young Adult books? Or do you think all these categories are going a bit overboard?

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