alphabet-blog-lLove is a topic that has fascinated writers for ages. Whether it is the main storyline, in books such as Pride and Prejudice, or a sub-plot in epic stories such as Star Wars, most stories include at least an element of romance.

So why is love such a popular topic? Well, we could go back to biological roots, and assume it’s because the main drive for most species is to reproduce, but I think it’s more than that.

Humans are social animals. We need others of our kind to survive, and thus what most of us desire, is to find someone who we can connect with on an intimate level. Most of us want to love and be loved. And something that is such a widespread need for the majority of people, makes fodder for great stories.

What do you think? Why is couples falling in love (whether it ends happily or not) such a popular topic? Do you prefer to have some love storylines in books and movies, or would you rather they were left out?

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