Last week I shared the opening of my novel, Reckless Rescue. Since that post, I’ve passed the novel to my sister to read through for me, and she had a different view on where the opening should be. So today I thought I’d share her take on the beginning.


“I’m not p-p-pregnant,” she managed to get out, before bursting into tears.

Nelor held her while she sobbed uncontrollably, patting her back. “It’ll be OK Marlee,” he said in an attempt at comfort. “Maybe next month…” His words sounded hollow, possibly because he had been saying the same thing for eighteen months now.

The first few times, Marlee had stayed optimistic, parroting words about it taking time to get pregnant, ignoring the fact that he wasn’t her first partner, or her first attempt, but her hopes were slim now.


Would love to hear what you think. Does this beginning draw you in more than last weeks? I’m still undecided.