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Born together, wed together

Brianna has never questioned the ancient law that requires her to marry the same man as her twin sister—until her sister falls in love with gentle and obedient Terion. Despite knowing he’s perfect for her sister, Brianna can’t bring herself to care for him, but unless she agrees to the marriage, her sister can’t marry either. In a desperate attempt to allow them both to live the life they want, Brianna fakes her own death and runs away. She knows she can never marry another, but she can live with that. What she hadn’t counted on was meeting Lyall, a handsome but mysterious man visiting the inn where she works.

A powerful mage and heir to the throne of Isla de Magi, Lyall could have his pick of women, but it’s not until he meets a simple serving woman while on a covert mission to the mainland, that he loses his heart. First fascinated by the raw magical power he senses in her, then by her forthright and honest nature, Lyall is smitten. He can’t understand why she keeps her distance, or why she refuses to talk about her past, but he is sure he can win her over.

As their love blossoms, and a fierce enemy threatens her home village, Brianna begins to discover more about the origins of the ancient law, and what happened to the last set of twins who broke it. Can she escape the curse, or will she have to choose between her love for Lyall, and the safety and happiness of her sister?

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What Readers are Saying

I absolutely loved how real the characters in this story were. The entire cast was brilliantly developed, allowing you to get to know them as individuals, as part of a family, and as part of a community. Above all, they are extremely real. They aren’t perfect fae-like beings, but rather individuals who stand up for their own. Now, that’s not to say that the main characters aren’t absolutely phenomenal. I can’t think of a pair of fantasy characters that I’ve loved more.

What Readers are Saying

Grey gives a brand new twist to the fantasy genre, building it up with exquisite narrative and vivid descriptions. She has developed a solid mythology and history for her land to back up her solid and exciting storyline.

What Readers are Saying

I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed Twin Curse. Really the only reason I started reading it is because I didn't understand. Born together, wed together what? So they are twins they have to marry the same person? Why and how does that end up working? The only reason why I started the book was to try and get answers to these questions. It just seemed like such a ridiculous idea. The story really grabbed me right away and it was one of those book where I ended up reading it slower than normal to try and make it last longer.

What Readers are Saying

I was looking for a book to take me away from the stress of life. This was it! very enjoyable. Strong female character and a male character that is not intimidated. Go for a journey!I did and I am glad I did! can't wait for the next book!

What Readers are Saying

Wow, just OMiGod Wow. So, so, so, so, so, so good. I really liked the idea that twins had to marry the same person. It's a stupid law, but a very original book idea. I like the Characters and the ending. You won't see the ending coming unless you're psychic. Love this book. It's a highly recommended book in my world.

Forbidden Bond is the first book in the Twin Curse series. This series currently has two books, with a third one coming in 2017. Each book can stand alone, but the series is best read in the following order: