And for those who prefer to read the full story rather than the serial episodes, here is the Dragon Forged Compilation – Distracting the Dragon Prince.

Let sleeping dragons lie. That’s a real saying, isn’t it? Well, if not, maybe it should be…

The plan was so simple. All small town reporter Rita had to do to get the scoop of a lifetime was find the sleeping dragon prince, wake him, and keep him from going to war with an opposing clan. Easy, right?

Not so much.

Because now she’s caught between duelling dragon clans with a centuries old prince who has a slew of secrets and way more sex appeal than she can handle.

Pretty soon she’ll need to decide if the best story in the world is worth betraying the smokin’ hot dragon shifter she can’t seem to keep her mind (or hands) off.

Who knew that distracting a dragon could be so complicated?