I’ve been writing away, and the Dragon Forged serial, Rita and Warrian’s story, is nearly finished! I’ve made Part 1 free for the next few weeks, Parts 2-4 are out, and Part 5 is available for preorder. Catch up with any you’ve missed.

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A newspaper reporter intent on a story and a dragon prince with a secret. Is this a match made in heaven, or a disaster waiting to happen?

Hiding in the hot Australian outback, there’s little to do except think… How long can they hold out?

They’ve both lied, both have secrets. Maybe it’s time for them to go their separate ways…

They can never forgive each other. Trouble is, they’re trapped together in Ultrima’s lair, with no way out, and nothing to do but talk…

Rita might have forgiven Warrian, but can she accept who he is? And can his clan accept her?