Yep, you heard me. The first book in my sci-fi romance series, Worlds Apart, is completely free! This is a full length book, with a HFN ending. (Though this couple’s story does continue in the next book, Regulated Planet.)

If you haven’t read this series yet, you can download Forbidden Planet below.

Forbidden Planet

Book 1 in the Worlds Apart series

He needs a miracle. She needs a partner. To stay together, they need the one thing neither of them can have—a baby.

Captain Tyris Bekkert is prepared to risk everything in his search for redemption. And he’s on the way to achieving it when he crash lands on a mysterious planet—one that has been deleted from the star charts. With a damaged spaceship, Tyris is sure he’s doomed, until he discovers a village of people who shouldn’t be there. But despite being stranded for nearly twenty years, the villagers are strangely reluctant to help him escape.

All except Marlee.

For Marlee, Tyris’s damaged spaceship is a lifeline. It’s an opportunity to put her past of broken relationships behind her and ensure a better future. She agrees to help Tyris repair his ship, but only if he pretends to be her partner to appease the council, who are pressuring her into another relationship.

As winter closes in, they’re cut off from the ship. Tyris and Marlee’s pretence is tested to their limits. For Marlee, the handsome space captain is everything she always wanted. The only problem is their time is limited.

They need a baby soon. If they fail, the council will rip them apart.

Forbidden Planet is a heartwarming sci-fi romance about survival, family, and falling in love against the odds. If you’ve always wondered what would happen if the captain stayed, you’ll love Forbidden Planet.

One-click Forbidden Planet now, and travel across the galaxy with Tyris and Marlee as they search for love.