Oops, a few days late. Sorry, I’ve been frantically trying to finish Dragon Waves for its September 4th release date, so updates were on hold. But I’m back now!

Resisting the Dragon is out now! Catch up with Calrian and Rylee! Its free to read in Kindle Unlimited!

Calrian’s clan is missing, his lair empty. Any hopes he had of being able to break the bond with Rylee early are dashed. He’s going to have to wait out the week until he recovers, and then hope he can find his clan. If they’re still alive.

Rylee is torn between being glad she gets to spend more time with the hot dragon shifter, and worried that her dad is going to find out about him and her son is going to grow too attached. Deep down, she’s the one she’s worried about. Can she resist him?

Or should she just sleep with him and get it out of the way so they can all move on?

Resisting the Dragon is part 2 in the Dragon Shores serial.