My newest book, Dragon Tides, is available now!

Dragon Tides is the first book in the Dragon Island Hideaway series. This one is a nice, light, beach read. (Literally, there are some awesome beaches, and a tropical island paradise.) No dragons fighting, just hot, sexy shifters, and a friends to lovers story.

What readers are saying:

“Damrian and Zara were perfect together and had amazing chemistry.”

“This is a wonderful story of childhood friendship turned forever love.”

“Another lovely heartwarming story from Rinelle Grey.”

Zara’s searching for mermaids, but is she so busy looking out at the ocean, that she’s missing the magic right in front of her?

Four years ago, dragon shifter Damrian made the mistake of impulsively kissing his childhood best friend goodbye when she left Dragon Island Hideaway resort to go to uni. The fact that she’s barely spoken to him since told him loud and clear that she wasn’t impressed. But now she’s back. And while Damrian is determined to find a way to salvage their friendship, his attraction for her refuses to be silenced. But how can he ask her for more when he can’t risk telling her who he truly is?

Zara’s returned to Dragon Island to search for evidence of a mermaid she’s sure she caught sight of before she left. But she can’t deny that renewing her friendship with Damrian is forefront in her mind. It’s hard to remember that she needs to keep her distance, because she has far bigger plans than staying on the island for the rest of her life.

But as things hot up between her and her best friend, she realises that he’s hiding a secret. One that threatens not only their budding relationship and friendship, but also Zara’s future.