This one is taking a little longer than I planned, as there is a lot of BIG THINGS happening, that will affect the future of all the dragons. I want to get it just right! But you can preoder your copy now, to make sure you get it as soon as it’s available! The current date is the end of April, but I hope to have it out earlier!

This is the final episode of Brad and Lyrian’s story!

Brad is determined to do all he can to protect the location of his clan’s lair, no matter what the police threaten him with. He doesn’t expect to come face to face with the enemy clan’s leader, who knows nothing about the truce they’ve made with his clan. He needs to find a way out of this, fast, because he can’t protect Lyrian if he’s dead.

With her mate in police custody, Lyrian is determined to do all she can to make his sacrifice worth it. If they can just wake her sister, and consolidate the truce with their enemy, then they can find a way to rescue Brad.

But nothing works out as they expect, and along the way they’re going to have to make some compromises.