XW2X2443I had a pretty busy day today. I put together a (premade) shade house, planted a plot of corn, watermelons and zucchinis, planted out 8 trees, cleaned out the duck pond, added a couple of wheelbarrows of mulch around it, planted out 5 trays of seeds, put up some shadecloth to shade some plants, and went shopping (and bought more plants, seeing a theme here?).

I would have thought that after such a busy day, I’d be ready for an evening of sitting down and relaxing, and doing nothing. And yet, I’m not. I feel energised from the achievement of the day, and feel like I can do anything. I’m ready to sit down and write now for a few hours, then get up tomorrow morning and do it all again. I didn’t expect that.

And yet, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’ve observed before that the more I do something, the easier it is to do more. When I write, I want to write more. When I garden, I want to garden more. And even when I clean my house, I want to clean it more.

And when I sit and play computer games and mindlessly surf the internet, I want to do it more too.

So I think my plan is clear. Do the things I want to get done, so that I want to do them more.

Now to just put this plan into action!