FantasyFridayIt’s back to Fantasy Friday this month, as my new fantasy romance, Twin Curse, is out on the 12th! I’m in the middle of formatting for Kindle now.

I’ll be posting a new excerpt each Friday. Today’s is a little bit of excitement, in more ways than one!


“Serrile, you just have to see this! You won’t believe it.”

Brianna looked up at the sound of Ethean, the village elder, calling out her mother’s name. He ran across the grass in bare feet, nearly tripping over his long brown robes, waving a leather-bound book in front of him.

In spite of her other worries, Brianna was intrigued. She’d loved Ethean’s visits when she was little, enjoying sitting on his lap and hearing tales from long ago. At nearly seventy, he was the oldest person in the village, his occupation as a scholar protecting him from the troll raids. Usually, he only found out about a raid when he wandered out of his cottage days later.

What did he have to tell her mother now? Her feet led her across the grass of their own accord to where the old man held the open book under her mother’s nose. “See, I told you we must have some sort of purpose here…”


The voice, floating on the wind, froze everyone in the village. Ethean got such a shock, he dropped his book.

Chilling screams followed the sound as the watchers in the pass died, sacrificing their lives so that those in the village might have a chance to survive.

A small figure, the runner, whose job it was to warn the village, ran across the open field, yelling frantically.

The sound unfroze Brianna and sent her racing back to the house to grab her sword, cursing the long skirts that would hinder her in the fight.

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