FantasyFridayWith Reckless Rebellion off to the editor, I’m back to writing. My plan is to finish up Twin Curse before the end of September, and begin content edits. I also have a bunch of fun new posts lined up for the next month, so be sure to follow my page for more.

Today’s excerpt from Twin Curse is short and sweet, a little hint at the bigger problems Brianna and her village face.

Corlin was a good dancer, and easy to talk to. It was a pity he wasn’t a few years older, Brianna thought idly, or he might be a possible alternative to Mianna’s Terion. If Mia was so set on getting married, she might at least look around so that she could have a say in it.

Interrupting her thoughts, Corlin said, “Got some new blood in town huh?”

“What?” Brianna asked, confused.

TwinCurseCampNaNoCorlin nodded to a table by the bonfire, where a man was sitting eating some stew, finding it rather awkward in his leather armour. “Turned up this evening. Reckon he’s going to try his luck over the ridge?”

Brianna nodded soberly. “Probably.”

They had plenty of visitors like that, itching to do battle with the trolls. They all went up over the ridge, but none ever came back. She turned away. She didn’t want to think about that tonight. Somehow, she made her excuses to Corlin, and fled the dance floor.

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