I’ve shared a couple of excerpts of Marlee’s story in my last few Six Sentence Sunday offering’s, so I think today it’s time to learn a bit more about Tyris.

I open Tyris’s first scene with a dream sequence, to give just a taste of his background. Would love to hear if it works, or if the quick switch to the dream throws you?


Tyris tossed and turned on the firm mattress, sheets tangling around his legs, gripped by the same dream that had haunted him every night since leaving Urslat.

“You don’t even want a baby Milandra,” he said, his mouth dry.

She sniffed. “It’s not about whether I want one or not, it’s about having the choice.”

“I’m not the one who took that choice away from you, the government did.”

“No, Tyris, they didn’t take away my choice, they took away yours.”

She swept out of the room, cutting off any further arguments.