Discover a new Series!

The sale is finished now, though some books may still be on sale. The series are all still available though!

We all love them. A good series is like a close friend. Reading a series saves you thinking of what book to read next. It means you get more of your favourite characters and settings. A good series is one of the best things out there. So check these ones out below, and find a new friend!

Many have the first book for free/99c, so you can check them out and see if they work for you!

A Thief in Love by Cailin Briste

Haven Realm by Mila Young

Dragonsworn by Cecilia Lane

Shifters of Bear's Den by Cecilia Lane

Dragon Investigators by Shelley Munro

A Werewolf Wars Novel by Bethany Shaw

The Cyborg Chronicles by Bethany Shaw

Lords of Thessaly by Rachael Slate

Alien Contact for Idiots by Edward Hoornaert

Blackstone Mountain by Alicia Montgomery

Ashryn Barker by Laura Greenwood

Seven Wardens by Laura Greenwood

Sister of Hex by Bea Paige

Return of the Dragons by Rinelle Grey

Worlds Apart by Rinelle Grey

Dragon Protectors by Laxmi Hariharan

Many Lives by Laxmi Hariharan

Dracones by Sheri-Lynn Marean

Hidden Dragons by Victoria Pinder

Winged Beasts by Crystal Dawn

The Mating Game by Catty Diva

The Macconwood Pack Series by C.D. Gorri

Sons of Tallav by Cailin Briste