Cunning Dragon, the latest instalment in Dragon Echoes, is available now! 

Lisa knows she can't just abandon dragon shifter Verrian when he's been separated from the rest of his clan by a nosy reporter, but why did they have to end up at her parent's place? They always make her feel less than nothing, and now they're embarrassing her in front of the hot dragon shifter prince. When a blurry picture of Verrian ends up in the newspaper and the locals come knocking, it seems like the perfect excuse to run for the hills.

Lisa has a lot of experience with running away from problems, but could Verrian be worth facing up to her fears and fighting for?

Verrian feels bad for putting Lisa in such an uncomfortable position, but the truth is he is out of his depth when dealing with the problems faced in the human's world. After failing miserably in the last dragon battle, he doesn't feel capable of dealing the threat of his ancient enemy either. Verrian needs a new tactic.

Lisa might not have dragon strength or magic, but she seems to hold her own in spite of that. Maybe she can teach Verrian about more than just human technology.